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8 Garage Conversion Ideas and How to Hire the Right Contractor

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If you recently bought a house with a big garage and you don’t know what to for about it, then you can convert it into a more useful space. There are different ways to use that big empty place in your house and improve your home’s value. But you can only be happy with your conversion if you hire the right contractor.

This article outlines some wonderful garage conversion ideas as well as a guide on how to hire the right contractor for the same. Let’s see if you can get some help here.

Office Space Garage Conversion Ideas

If you have children running around the house and you can seem to concentrate, then it’s high time you leave them in the main house and work in the garage.

Equip it with some of the best office equipment to make it the best place to do your extra office work. This is even better if you work remotely.

1. Turn It Into Cinema Room

Your extra space can be a luxurious and quiet cinema room for you and your family. Whenever you need to watch a movie together undisturbed, this should be the place.

Make sure you have all the best entertainment equipment in there with very comfortable seats to make your garage a livable space for so much fun.

2. Make Your Garage a Large Bathroom

If you’re one of those people who consider shower time a spa moment, then you truly deserve a large and beautiful bathroom. Luckily, you already have a large extra place in your garage for that.

All you have to do is get a good contractor to do the transformation, and you’re good to go.

3. Have a Big Kitchen in There

When you just moved into the house, the kitchen seemed enough to accommodate all of you. But now that the family is big, you need extra space, and the unused garage area is ready to offer that space.

You can be creative enough with this and incorporate different elements into making it the best kitchen you ever had.

4. Convert it Into a Bedroom

Converting your garage into a spare bedroom is a perfect way to create an extra room in your house. The room can become more accommodating if you use a sofa bed instead of a conventional bed. You can also add a kitchen and bathroom.

Think about some wonderful design ideas you can use for your garage to bedroom conversion.

5. Make Your Garage a Home Gym

Set aside that extra room into a luxurious fitness center. You don’t have to pay gym subscriptions if you have extra space to create a home gym.

Make sure you have a window and some air conditioner in here for some fresh air because the gym can get really hot and sweaty.

6. Teens Games Room

If you have some teens around the house, then you might want to make life easier for them by giving them a games room. Do some decorations in the room with some touch of color and make it one of the vibrant areas around your house.

Make your children help with the design ideas and come up with a good theme together.

7. Have an Art Studio

If you’re an artist and need somewhere to do your magic or store those wonderful drawing where no one else touches them, a garage is a perfect place. Turn that dark garage into a colorful and cozy studio.

This will be the start of all the good things that can turn your dream into reality.

8. Entertainment Space

We’ve already talked about turning your garage into a cinema space, but if you’re more outgoing, a larger entertainment space can do. Adorn this garage with some home bar comfy chairs and a decent sound system.

If you’re a party guy who’s always having friends over then, you don’t have to disturb the entire family as you can have the garage all to yourself.

If your garage is in a sorry state, then you’ll have to make the biggest sacrifice of knocking it all down and starting afresh. This will cost you a lot of money and time, but with a good contractor, everything will be back to normal within the shortest time.

How to Get the Best Contractor

Now that you have the best garage conversion ideas, it’s time to turn them into reality. But that’s only possible if you find the best contractor to work with. Here are a few questions to ask your garage contractor before they start working.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Look for a trained and experienced garage contractor to provide quality work and a perfect project. Garage contractor receives the same training as that of other builders. But their experience in these specific projects sets them apart.

Have You Done a Similar Project Before?

If you choose to turn your garage into a kitchen or a study room, you need a contractor who’s done such before. Ask them if they have previous experience with a similar project. Checking their portfolio can also help.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Hire a licensed and insured garage contractor for your peace of mind. This way, you protect yourself from any liability in case of a problem.

What’s Your Pricing?

Don’t forget to check the contractor’s pricing. Get a quote for the project and let them explain clearly their payment structure in writing. Make sure you’re both comfortable with garage conversion cost.

How Long Will It Take You to Finish the Work?

The last thing you should clear up with your garage contractor is the time frame for the garage conversion. Understand the time the entire project is going to take and see if both of you are comfortable.

Let them take their time to do a good job as rushing them can result in some unforeseen disappointments.

Turn Your Garage Into a Masterpiece With the Best Contractor

Finding perfect garage conversion ideas is one thing. Turning the ideas into something tangible is another. Get an experienced contractor to turn that extra space into something functional such as an office, a bedroom, a gym, or a kitchen.

You can trust Lion Group Construction with this noble job and see your once so ugly space remodeled and transformed into a cozy and stunning space. Contact us to help you build and design your garage into a space that meets your desires and needs. We do also kitchen remodeling and bathroom reodeling so you get full tiny house for any use.

8 Garage Conversion Ideas and How to Hire the Right Contractor

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