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Are There Benefits To Converting Your Garage To Livable Space?

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YES, Long gone are the days of using your garage for its intended purpose. Today, people don’t use their garages for cars. A garage is mainly used for storage, the extra boxes, furniture and anything else a homeowner doesn’t have room for in the main residence. If you’re looking for a way to enlarge your home without shelling out for a full-scale addition, converting your garage into livable space typically adds more space. Here are some reasons for a garage conversion are as such:

-When space and functionality in the main residence are tight and limited.

-Square footage helps resale value.

-More storage space if needed.

-Garage conversions can be used as an in-law suite.

-They can be used for children’s playrooms, dens, or office space.

-Garage conversions can be used as an apartment to earn extra money if needed.

-Lastly, a garage conversion can be used as an Airbnb which is the new trend.

A prospective buyer is not only looking for beauty but square footage. So naturally one of the most notable benefits of converting a garage to livable space is adding more room to your existing home for your family to enjoy.

We all know the struggles of space. For families with small children or teenagers, increasing existing square footage allows more room for play. In smaller homes, toys may be scattered around the house giving your home a cluttered feeling.

In smaller homes, the number of bedrooms is limited leaving grandparents, family or friends at times without a place to stay with family. So naturally, converting your garage into an in-law suite presents a plausible solution to an uncomfortable situation allowing a family to feel like they aren’t burdening you by taking one of your children’s bedrooms and forcing them to sleep in a siblings room or on a couch.

Lastly, the resale value! By converting your garage into livable space not only increases the square footage but increases the value of the home.

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