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Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling Walnut Creek, CA

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Everything you need to know before Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling?

Remodeling your kitchen.

Our kitchen is the heart of a home. It is where you gather to eat together, cook together, and typically is passed through several times a day.  We do a lot in our kitchens and because of this, we need to have a kitchen that functions for how we cook, as well as looks nice and offers the spaces that we need.

Sometimes we can reuse some of the kitchens and just give it a facelift, which is a nice economical option. Sometimes, it is time to clear everything out and start over.

Kitchen remodels are some of the most complexes remodels that a kitchen remodeling contractor can do. There are many things that need to be considered and they are typically one of the more expensive remodels as there are a lot of moving parts.  Let’s look at some components and ideas that you can discuss with your kitchen remodeling contractor.

You should discuss with your kitchen remodeling contractor what you would like to see out of your kitchen remodel.  Is there a certain look you like? Are there features you wish your kitchen had? Or are you doing a remodel to just improve the resale value of the home?  These are all good things to discuss with the kitchen remodeling contractor.

Take your time

Browse around online and off to find what you truly want.  Because this is one of the more expensive rooms to remodel, try to find the have to-haves and the wants, in case of budget issues.

There are certain things that you can upgrade later as well. For example, kitchen faucets are quite pricey to replace, however, you could stick with what you have and save up to get what you want later.  This is a way to take some costs from the initial install.

Take your time and don’t rush with decisions.  Even if you think you know what you want. There are so many amazing options to choose from.  And, when looking and choosing which kitchen you’d like, remember to keep the architecture of the building in mind as well.

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Some Features to Consider

Kitchen Island

An island is a great addition to a kitchen.  Many times it offers a nice countertop space, you can even add the sink.  However, an island should not be installed unless there is 36″ or more around the island.

Otherwise, there is not enough space and it will make the kitchen seem very small. And, it would be hard for more than one person to be in the kitchen at the same time.

Kitchen Appliances

You can go crazy in this area of a kitchen remodel.  However, ask yourself if you really need all those fancy buttons.  Sure, most appliance dealers will have deals going on that you can finance appliances for fairly reasonable.

But, if you can get away with more simple appliances, why put yourself in debt? And, you can always use the old ones and upgrade one at a time to save some of the initial costs of a kitchen remodel.

Remodeling a Bathroom.

Using a bathroom remodeling contractor to remodel a bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. With the right plan, design, and shopping smart, it could be done in a fraction of the price. You don’t believe its possible? Take it from a Bathroom remodeling contractor that has been in business for several years.

We’ve done lots of remodeling projects from updating the wall and floor tile, adding new plumbing fixtures, and even reorganized the space to improve its function. And all this can be done at a reasonable price.  Check out some of our secrets below:

Adding Extended Light Fixtures

Adding a light fixture could immediately change the overall feel and look of your bathroom. There are all kinds of various light fixtures to choose from. And, you can even repurpose them by adding a little spray paint!  Don’t just choose any light fixture.

You should select one that can be extended over your medicine cabinets. This will allow better lighting and not have the light blocked by your cabinets. If you don’t have cabinets, then this shouldn’t be a worry.

Place this light fixture above and in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

Use Granite Vanity Tops

Granite tops used to be expensive, but the price has come down as the processes are improved.  When picking up a top, take note that this low price already includes the under-mounted sink. Additionally, you could save by choosing a color that is less expensive than the rest.

Also, be sure to keep your eyes out of sales.  Many home improvement centers will run sales on their granite vanities.  This is a great time to pick one up. This will not only improve the look of your home but also increase its market value.  Plus, it’s easy to clean.

Curved Curtain Rod Instead of Glass Doors

A great way to save money while still improving the look of your bathroom is by installing a curtain rod. If you aren’t already using one, try the curved rod. This gives a new look with style and more room in the shower!

The cost for this improvement depends on the kind of rod and curtain you purchase, there are some affordable options but you could also go with higher-priced items that look better. It completely depends on your budget, however, this is by far less costly than glass doors.

Crown Molding the Bathroom

Another excellent bathroom improvement would be crown molding.  Since most bathrooms are small, the expense would not be too high. The cost would be nothing compared to the big impact it would have on your bathroom.

We spend a lot of time in our bathroom not only for hygiene but for relaxation as well. Thus, when improving it, keep in mind how you use your bathroom and what features are more important to you.

However, we have this misconception that this kind of project can be very expensive. And, well, it can be if you have a very expensive taste. But, if you pick up the fixtures, paint, and other accessories on sale or even re-purpose them, you can really save a lot of money.

As a Bathroom remodeling contractor, these tips have been tested to give your bathroom a new look without breaking your wallet.

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Looking for a great Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling in Walnut Creek, CA?! We can help, contact us today.

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