At Lion Group Construction we thrive to offer you the maximum quality landscaping solutions to our clients. Our landscaping staff is experienced and provide on-time and within budget. We take care of your yards and give your location a beautiful appearance.

When Lion Group Construction staff arrives in your home they are cover-up by the total employee and public liability insurance and work are covered by our guarantee. All of Lion Group Construction workers have large profile signwriting on them so you can see us clearly and see that we aren’t a false caller or white van man. We’re a group of professional landscapers who have worked in the industry for quite a very long moment. We are some of the earliest and brightest minds in the business who know what your location exactly desires. We now design a landscape that goes well with your location.

For more information regarding scheduling a base repair quote or advice about foundation lifts, please speak to us today. We serve clients in the Walnut, Creek region.