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Professional Garage Conversion Services in Walnut Creek, CA

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You look at your garage and think, is it time to repair my existing garage or replace it entirely? There are ways to decide if it’s time to invest in a new garage or repair what you currently have.

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How? The decision lays on the areas

of your garage that are failing and how much money it would take to fix those issues compared to the cost of building a new garage. Perhaps you want more space or more organization? Some would like to convert it into a living space or home brewery.

These days you can add an auto elevator if you’d like. The ideas are endless. So now, you narrow down the issues to cosmetic concerns or foundational necessities. Keep in mind, having an upgraded garage also makes your home more attractive and increases the value, should you ever decide to sell the home.

Do you dislike the look of your garage? Is there a scratch or a dent on the door? These are simple and inexpensive cosmetic issues to fix. We can give your garage a brand new look.

On the other hand, if you see that there is a mechanical issue with the motor or that the structure of the walls are deteriorating, then it is time to rebuild the garage. If there is a foundation problem such as this, it may be beyond the point of repair. We would not advise, nor would it be economical to repair a garage that is sitting on a bad foundation.

If your garage doesn’t have a serious foundation or structural problems, you will probably be just fine with a reface of the garage. However, we will inspect and discuss this with you to make the right decision. When it comes to remodeling your home, it’s better to hire a contractor that can work on the entire house, rather than hiring a separate contractor for each project.

For example, rather than hire one contractor for windows/doors and another contractor for the garage, hire a company that does it all. Lucky for you, we do complete home remodeling!

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Custom Built Garages

Whether you need a place to store your vehicle in the security of your home, or you want to convert your garage into an extra living space, Lion Group Construction can customize the garage you envision.

You will create a list or layout of what type of garage you want and for what purpose, then we will go over the logistics with you to make that happen. Our experience in building is skilled and equipped to meet the needs of any custom garage, including varied ceiling heights, roof pitches, storage for large equipment, space for woodworking and welding, plus more.

Professional Garage Conversion

Services in Walnut Creek, CA

Garage Room Additions

You have a garage but want to increase size, you don’t have a garage but you would like to have one, or you want to add a room to the existing garage…these are all doable.

Lions Group Construction has a complete team of builders, designers, and technicians who can help plan this new project from dream to reality. If you want to add a garage you’ll need to consider size, location, access, and how the garage addition relates to the architecture of the house.

Before you get started, consider and ask yourself the following:

  • Do you want the garage addition freestanding or attached to the home?

  • Is the garage for a car or more? Big car or small? For living space (i.e. gym, office, workshop) or for cars?

  • Garage access via a driveway and traffic flow. Space is needed for moving cars.

  • The relationship to the house should follow a similar style.

Garage Expansion

Rather than building a new garage, perhaps expansion is all you need. Whether you would like to add space for another car or to create space for your living needs like storage or a workstation, an expansion might be your best bet. With an expansion, a new entryway for the car and people might be necessary.

If you currently have a good garage door, we will try to find the same door for the expanded garage. In some cases, such as damage or an outdated model, the expanded garage will require a new garage opener that works in sync with the existing garage door.

Call a Professional Contractor – Call Lion Group Construction

Trust only experienced Garage Conversion company to work on your project. We have years of experience working on different types of Garage Conversion projects.

Our team consists of professional builders and foundation specialists in Walnut Creek.

We keep you updated from start to finish on the project’s progress, from demolition (if needed to complete.

We can help you with any garage conversion or ADU construction, Bathroom Remodeling, Kitchen remodeling services, and any other general contractor projects.

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