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General Contractor Services in Walnut Creek CA

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Many homeowners have never had to replace windows or doors so that it can be confusing and overwhelming. There are several reasons why you might consider new windows and doors:

  • Improve energy efficiency and lower energy costs
  • Improve comfort by reducing drafts and condensation
  • Windows have been worn out, broken, stuck shut, or don’t stay open
  • Upgrade your home’s appearance
  • Explore new technology
  • Less maintenance
  • Increase the value of your home

Whatever the reason for replacing your windows or doors, Lion Group Construction offers customized options or a variety of styles to replicate any architectural style or something brand new.

Flooring Services

Flooring General Contractor

Depending on the flooring you currently have, there will always be a time when new flooring is necessary. Wear and tear are inevitable. So if you’re interested in new floors, it must be time for a change.

  • Carpet
  • Wood
  • Cork
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum
  • Stone
  • Tile
  • Vinyl

For different reasons, you will want to choose a different floor type. For a living room and bedrooms, a warm, comfortable carpet feel might be preferable. For a busy household with in-and-out traffic, perhaps hard flooring would be more practical for cleaning and maintenance. We, Lion Group Construction, are prepared to equip your home or business with whatever flooring you choose. Not sure which type is best for your home while staying within budget? Let’s discuss it, and our professionals can advise.

General Contractor Walnut Creek

Interior and Exterior Paint


Looking to brighten up a room or add depth and character? Interior paint can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Adding particular colors can create an attractive, subtle contrast and a feeling of space and altitude.

If you have your ideas for a touch-up, change colors, or a new vision, let’s discuss your options!


To get the final results you want, we do a thorough walk-around of the house to prepare each step in an organized fashion, so the paint job is a lasting improvement.

  • Inspect – compile a list of materials needed and most importantly prepare for safety measures
  • Hydro-Blast – pressure wash to remove dirt, stains, loose paint, surface mildew, algae, and foreign substrates
  • Sand, patch, replace old walls – create a stable surface for the new paint to adhere to
  • Mask – cover trimming, windows, doors, walkways, etc. that not meant to be painted (at least not the first color treatment)
  • Apply primer-sealer – the first layer of protection
  • Final protection layer – for even thickness and color consistency
  • Trim coating – for windows, doorways, and all trims around the building.
  • Clean up and final inspection – all job-related debris is hauled away, and we clean up space for a tidy and beautiful home.

Lion Group Construction – General Contractor Services

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